Saturday, February 22, 2020

Android training with live project

As we know very well that technologies are changing day by day but some technologies are very popular in the market like Android.

If you want to make your career in the mobile app development field we suggest you go with android.
there are a lot of good options are available in the market to get android training in Indore but we provide training on the LIVE projects from the first week to the students.

this is a golden opportunity for the students to work with the experienced developer's team and face the challenges of LIVE projects. after the academics knowledge when students work on the projects which are developing for the clients, so they feel the difference between the theoretical knowledge and the actual practice.
we trained them from the designing (UI/UX) of every screen to the development. to get android training in Indore we are a very good option as we involve the students from all the steps of the SDLC.

we trained students with the latest libraries and functionalities of the Android SDK. when students work on any module and they test on the real devices so they understand how to build a professional mobile application.

In the M.P. everyone who is from another city wants to get android training in Indore because Indore has very updated IT city.

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